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Commercial Asphalt Services

Parking Lots, Patching, Curbing and More from Monarch Pavement

As a commercial property owner or manager, maintenance of your commercial buildings is a constant task. This includes keeping parking lots in good shape, safe from liabilities. You can do this with ease and at an affordable rate when you hire our professional pavers.

Why Should You Maintain Your Parking Lot?

In addition to the aesthetics, keeping your parking lot pothole-free can limit any risk of accidents or damage to patrons using your parking lot. Monarch Pavement experienced team can service you repairs with no impact on your daily operations. Contact us today for your parking lot risk evaluation.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Asphalt Services

  • Safety first: OSHA 30 certified, meet or exceed all safety guidelines, and training for all employees.
  • Extensive expertise with Year-round Training on the lasted developments and techniques
  • Family-owned business with roots in the Burlington community
  • Competitive pricing to ensure you meet your needs and budget
  • No impact on daily operations
  • Excellent customer Service
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Commercial Asphalt Solutions

We’ll provide you with comprehensive commercial asphalt solutions, whether it’s a new site or one that needs some repair.

Parking Lot Paving

Opening up a new commercial location? Or is your parking lot in need of a complete makeover? We can help with parking lot paving.

Patching & Pothole Repair

Potholes form quickly and at any time of the year. Once a pothole is formed it needs to be repaired quickly to minimize the risk of damage, liability and further asphalt deterioration.

Curbing & Curb Repair

Need to add new curbing or fix areas that are broken or failing? Let us keep your parking lot working and looking good with curbing repairs.

Drainage & Catch Basin Repair

One critical part of any parking lot is how it drains. Because our area sees snow and rain, keeping your drainage system in good health is a must.


Installing utilities requires specialized knowledge to make sure they function well and are structurally sound. Our experts offer installation of storm sewers, culverts, water mains, and more.


Sealing your parking lot with a protective coat creates a barrier that acts as a weatherproof layer, defending against heat, moisture, fading, and deterioration.

Porous Asphalt Services

For an environmentally friendly stormwater management system, porous asphalt allows water to drain through the pavement surface, dispersing to soils below.

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